About the designer

Shortly about myself

Good day, dear friends! Thank you for visiting my site;)

My name is Artem Ukolov, I am , and for years now I have been doing graphic design.

In 2015, while studying at the last year of the institute, I decided to try myself in the field of graphic design and somehow quickly dragged on this business. I studied numerous training videos on the Internet, read profile articles, constantly practiced in graphics programs and tried in every possible way to improve my skill :) I wrote this site with my own hand and the first clients appeared pretty quickly. To this day, when designing new logos, I try to improve their quality and my skill. I always try to meet the specified deadlines and have never overdue them yet.

The cost of my services is quite low compared to large design studios, as I work alone and at home. I do not need to maintain a huge staff and pay for expensive office rent, which costs quite a lot for clients. If you have a desire to order a logo, then write to me by mail or Telegram, I will be glad to cooperate :)

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